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The Ultimate Fill-in-the-Blank Party Game for Friends

What the GIF?! is a fill-in-the-blank party game for up to 8 people. Create funny captions for GIFs, vote on the best one, and collect points! New GIFs and captions added weekly.

How to Play

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How to Play

Each round will show every player one communal GIF. Every player has 25 seconds to choose one response to the GIF from the five captions in their “hand” (you can also write a custom caption response). The goal is to choose (or write) the funniest caption so that everyone else votes for your response. After everyone chooses their caption, each player blindly votes for the group’s funniest caption (you can’t vote for yourself). Every vote for your response earns you one point. If you write a custom caption that wins the round, then you receive one bonus point on top of the vote points. The winner at the end of the game is whoever has the most points.

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About Us

What the GIF?! was created when two friends, Dylan and Nico, got inspired during COVID to make a fill-in-the-blank online party game in order to stay connected with their friends. For the past few years, the duo has been constantly adding new GIFs, captions, and features to make What the GIF?! your best choice for hours of fun. Try What the GIF?! out at your next in-person or online hang-out with friends, family, or co-workers.

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Have a question or comment? Drop an email at dylan@wdygif.com.

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